Sunday, January 20, 2008

Consultative it appreciated?

Maybe I'll sound like a poor loser, but I need to get this off my chest.

Back in August of '07 I was contacted by the co-worker of a friend/client to help them plan their honeymoon. Referrals are great and I always treat them as though the clients are my friends, too.

So I put together a package of brochures for the couple to review, chatted with bride to be about her dream wedding, asked them their budget, did tons of research on their destination and proceeded to put the perfect package together.

This process, though, took several months. I stayed in touch, followed up, discussed different options, fully expecting to sit down with them when they were really ready to make a commitment to the planning. And then earlier this month, the bride said that her intended wanted to go somewhere else, spend less money, use some air miles and hotel awards.

No problem, I started the process over again...research, pricing, etc. Thinking that we are still going to sit down at some point and review all the options, I put together the "bells & whistles" package allowing them to cut back expenses by eliminating some of the options.

My thinking is that this is their honeymoon, not mine, so why should I pick and choose when we can review the options together and decide what fits their dreams and pocketbook best.

A couple days go by and I get an e-mail from the bride thanking me for all my efforts but her fiancee has a travel agent that he uses and they booked with him.

WHAT???? I didn't even realize I was in a competitive situation. After 6 months you'd think I'd know.

So, in an e-mail, I expressed my disappointment (months of research, follow up, etc), not to mention my surprise, but wished them the dream wedding and honeymoon and all the best in life.

The fiancee felt I was totally unprofessional and that I'll never get their business nor his company's business.

And, you what? I'm okay with that. I chose to go into business for myself so I could work with people I enjoy. I don't think I would enjoy working with him.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time Flies when....

So I just noticed that it is a month to the day since my last blog and I have to wonder, where did the time go?

Actually, I do know. I just not willing to admit it!

For the sake of argument, let's say the holidays took a chunk of that time. Then there are the regular chores of life in a house of 4 men (father and three sons). As you can imagine that's a lot of clothes to clean, meals to prepare, dishes to wash...not to mention the endless trips to the supermarket for milk, cereal and snacks. And in this house, medicine.

Can I tell you? I have never seen so many meds in one place outside of a hospital or pharmacy. The kids each have their bi-polar meds, the middle son also has Asbergers meds and Milt has his various pain medications (a result of 23 surgeries over a 48 yr lifespan so far!). All I have is my daily allergy pill (we're a 2 dog house) and a medication for high blood pressure (did I mention the kids are bi-polar!!!!)

Let's see, I got my nails done, hair cut and colored, tanned and, well, I meant to work out....

Of course there were NFL playoff games and Bowl games that begged to be watched.

And yes, thank goodness, there were cruises to book and recently lots of event planning for eWomenNetwork.

But more important, American Idol is back on tonight...and I know where my next two hours will fly.