Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are you a Lion or a Lamb?

Calling all Lionesses!

Hello and welcome to March. It surely did come in like a lion and I hope it has roared itself out so the lamb can start sticking her head out.

But if you are a business person, this is no time to be a lamb. In order to be heard you really have to roar. And to be seen, you really need to roam the jungle and build up your pride (pride of lions and self pride!)

The best way to accomplish this is network, network, network. And the most cost effective networking is with eWomenNetwork.

Did you know for the price of one membership you have membership in all the chapters across the country and Canada?

Think about it. How many chambers do you belong to? Do you pay dues to each chamber? Of course! Or how about a professional organization? Don't you have to pay to belong to a chapter in Philadelphia and the chapter in South Jersey?

With eWomenNetwork, you have 5, count 'em 5, opportunities to network across the tri-state area with just one membership!

--South Jersey (Burlington to Cape May!!)
--Buxmont (Bucks-Montgomery County)
--King of Prussia
--and as of April....Wilmington, DE

At eWomenNetwork our goal is to provide you access to everyone--no geographic boundaries in our business plan!

So no matter how far you want to roam, eWomenNetwork has a road map to help your success ROAR!

Here's my Lioness special of the month:

Non-members: Join eWomenNetwork in March and be my guest at your first event as a new member! To join visit:

Members: Sign up a new member this month and you BOTH have a free event on me!

It's a jungle out there...why not hang out with Queens of the Jungle.

All the best to you,
Executive Director
eWomenNetwork SJ
609 601-1333