Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Deciding to Succeed

It's all about making a commitment...

I recently returned from the eWomenNetwork National Conference in Dallas. It was a convergence of 2500+ women from all over the country and Canada sharing their wisdom, experiences, resources and contacts. These were professional women, that despite the current economic conditions, or perhaps because of it, made a commitment to learn, laugh, and recharge their batteries by spending time with like-minded women. They showed up because they made a commitment to succeed.

Overhead at the conference: "Until you make a decision that you're going to succeed, you won't." Seems rather harsh until you realize that the speaker was really talking about making a commitment. (This is just one of the empowering messages I took home with me).

If you are a business owner, it's about knowing deep inside that there is nothing else you'd rather be doing because you are following your passion. That drive, that ambition, that invisible force must be inside you.

But you don't have to own the business to be passionate about succeeding. You need to be committed to the goals that have been set for you. And, I have found, you have to have your own set of personal goals that at least mirror your professional goals or exceed them.

Okay, I hear you askng, " I am passionate about my business, how come I am not succeeding?"

And so I ask you, how dedicated are you to succeeding in your business? Passion does not equal success without a good heaping of the right marketing plan, strategic alliances and partnerships, exceptional resources (think vendors and services) and, of course, an investment of time, money and effort. And as we like to say at eWomenNetwork, it takes team work, to make the dream work.

If you have made the decision to be successful, then you are surrounding yourself with a team of professionals that share your passion, can visualize your goals, and can help you make the leap from being in business to succeeding in business.

At eWomenNetwork, our goal is to be each other's team. I invite you to attend one of our upcoming events and start building your new team. Better yet, make the commitment right here and now to join the #1 resource for professional women. I promise you, you'll grow as you help others grow around you. Visit our website at or give me a call 609 601-1333, and let's decide to succeed together!