Monday, September 29, 2008

Need Inspiration? Check out the GLOW Project

All across the United States women are sitting down in small groups to experience the GLOW Project movie. Locally we've met over lunch, after work, and even on a Sunday afternoon. Just us girls--sharing the experience of watching the GLOW Project movie together and then sharing our hopes, our dreams and our passions.

What is GLOW? GLOW is a uniquely female phenomenon. When women GLOW, they burn the candle of passion and compassion that ignites a force greater than oneself.

Have you ever met someone and were drawn to them for their strength, their presence? Not in an intimidating way...but in the way that a flower turns towards the sun for warmth...for its GLOW.

The GLOW Project movie is an exploration in the source of that GLOW expressed though the stories of fourteen powerful, successful, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Each story reflects the hardships, the courage, the heartbreaks and challenges they faced and how they tapped into their GLOW to overcome; to survive; to succeed.

Reactions to the film vary, for it is an extremely personal experience. For s
ome, it is the rekindling of a desire to do or be more; for others is it is a realization that it's okay to be where I am right now in life--permission to be who I am; and for many it has empowered us to look inside to see what spark of inspiration is just waiting for that flame to ignite us.

On Wednesday, October 22, you can meet participate in a powerful event featuring three of the women
from the film when the GLOW Project tour comes to Voorhees, NJ at the Mansion on Main Street. To Register click here.

Sandra Yancey, producer and co-creator of the GLOW Project, is your personal guide as she leads and moderates an intimate discussion with two stars from the GLOW Project Movie.

  • Discover how to tap into your GLOW to achieve happiness and fulfillment
  • Learn how to overcome insurmountable challenges and reach for your dreams in spite of fear, lack of support and money
  • Learn how to work through feelings of guilt to fully enjoy your life experience
  • See clips from the movie and exclusive scenes not on the DVD
  • You participate -- Q & A session

No matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you try, you can never achieve your full potential and happiness without GLOW. Learn how to embrace your essence and forever live in GLOW.

You will meet Marion Luna Brem, President and CEO of Love Chrysler, who's' story of survival when given only 4-5 months to live will inspire us all to fight back no matter what the odds. And Donna Orender, President of the Women's National Basketball Association--who is blazing a trail in a previously male dominated sport. Her strength and conviction to her own truth is a lesson we all need to learn.

The truth is I can't even begin to describe the power of this event. All I can tell you is you need to be part of it.