Saturday, February 14, 2009

Food For Thought: Adding New Ingredients Can Reshape Your Success Recipe

Although it is often said, it bears repeating "If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting." Not rocket science, but how many of us have really taken a look at what we are doing...what are the ingredients in our daily plan of work and how can we "spice it up" to change the results?

Sometimes you have to start with what is important to yourself. Are you happy with what you are doing? If not, what are you going to do about it?

On February 20th at the Atlantic City Country Club we'll meet Roseann Vanella who did just that. She took stock of what she had accomplished, took measure of her happiness quotient and decided to change her menu of choices. In 2007 she walked away from the corporate world to follow a passion for food and opened a Super Suppers business catering to busy families by offereing fully cooked meals to go. Join us we we learn about her Recipe for Success.

Okay, so now you've looked at yourself; now what about your business? Here your ingredients include the green Are you making the best decisions with managing your money? Are you worried that you did not plan for tax season? Are you preparing a recipe for success or disaster at tax time?

Join us on March 4th at the Mansion on Main Street for a half-day workshop on How to Make Tax Time Less Taxing. Hear from a panel of experts tax saving tips and strategies to manage your personal and business finances. Learn about corporate structures and the difference between a corporate entity, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a S-Corp, and sole proprietorship. Meet experts on money management and tax saving opportunities. Learn about employment law and how it effects your hiring practices including full time, part time or contract employees. Get tips on using QuickBooks to keep your pulse on money management and tax preparation. And finally meet an expert on organizing it all.

So you've got your passion, you've got your money organized, but what about marketing? What are the ingredients in your marketing plan? In today's world if your recipe doesn't call for a heavy dollop of social media, your marketing will fall flat.

On March 20th at the Gourmet Italian Cuisine in Galloway Township we'll host part one of a two part series exploring the phenomenon of Social Media. Learn the basics about the top social media websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Twitter. This hands on workshop (bring your laptop) will teach you how to create your profile, build contacts and navigate the various applications unique to each site.

At eWomenNetwork it is our job to provide you opportunite to learn, connect promote and build your business. For me, the most important ingredient is YOU.

To register for these and other upcoming events, visit eWomenNetwork SJ

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Get Connected. Get Involved. Get Busy!

All right ladies…It’s time to take control of your business, your lifestyle, and your future. There is no room for “woe is me”. There is no room for “Doubting Thomasinas.” There is no room for discouraging “voices in your head”. There is no room for negativity. Period.

The successful women I meet have at least one thing in common—their belief in themselves, what they are doing and where they are going. At eWomenNetwork we call that “GLOW”. They’ll also be the first to tell you its not 100% of the time. But here’s the key, they recognize when the candle starts to flicker and they find the spark that reignites the flame.

What do they do? They get connected. They call a friend or mentor. They find new people to add to their network who have fresh ideas, new approaches and new resources.

What do they do? They get involved. They look to their community for non-profit work or new organizations to re-energize their personal commitments. They volunteer, sit on boards and make themselves available.

What do they do? They get inspired. They read. They attend lectures and symposiums. They reach out to someone they admire. As Sandra Yancy, the Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork says, “If she’s the sharpest tool in her tool box, she needs a new toolbox.”

What do they do? They get busy! They go out and seek new opportunities for business. They create new alliances and partnerships. They build new relationships.

What are you doing? Now is the time to join eWomenNetwork. We’ll get you connected, involved, inspired and BUSY!

eWomenNetwork is a membership based marketing and media company designed and created to provide women with opportunities to promote, grow and transact business with other women business professionals. We are a high tech, high touch organization with a focus on each member from a holistic point of view—healthy mind, healthy body, healthy business. Our events are designed to educate and enlighten so that we work smarter, with better tools and better understanding of the process of success. In addition, our strong web-based community is complimented by our monthly local events that bring women together to network, share and learn from each other. Our motto is Give First/Share Always. We teach women to build relationship by sharing our resources with each other and asking how we can help.

Please take a moment to visit our local chapter website at and feel free to call me with any questions.