Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shake Your Groove Thing....and Get Down to Business

Happy Feet...Incredible Feats!

People often ask me, "where do you come up with the ideas for your columns?" This one is courtesy of our radio media partner, BEN-FM.

So I was driving on the Atlantic City Expressway headed to the first of three meetings I had scheduled for the day when the song "Shake Your Groove Thing" came on the radio. I quickly found myself "getting down" to the music in the car. And I realized that music is my "happy place"--it energizes me, it gives me strength, it centers me and it flat out makes me feel good.

I walked into the first meeting with confidence, a smile a mile wide and the excitement of knowing that I was "in the groove." It was a fabulous meeting with 8 women sharing stories, challenges and resources with each other (we call these Wisdom Circles...ask me how you can be invited to participate in the next on on 2/9/10). The following two meetings were just as positive-- creating plans for future events and marketing opportunities for the chapter. I even reconnected with two friends I hadn't seen in years.

My question to you is, what do you do that takes you to that "happy place"? More important, do you take time to let it take you there? It can be as simple as dancing in your car, or taking a course in ballroom dancing; meditation and yoga or a an hour of cardio at the gym. FYI: Ever heard of Zumba? It combines music with an hour long cardio workout--look for special classes forming soon for eWomenNetwork members at various Island Gyms down the shore.

It is no coincidence that happy, confident, energized people are like magnets. Not only are you drawn to them, but as per the "Law of Attraction" positive opportunities seek them out as does success.

Still, getting your groove on does not guarantee success without getting down to business.

On a conference call this morning with Sandra and Kym Yancey, founders of eWomenNetwork, Inc., Kym reminded us that 3 most important questions I need to ask myself are:
  • What is our objective this year?
  • What is our strategy to achieve those objectives?
  • How will we achieve our goals?

Sandra challenged us to recognize the difference in "business" and "busy-ness." It is too easy for us to stay busy and then wonder why we have not accomplished what is important. Learn to differentiate between the two!
  • Her 3 steps were "Plan - Do - Review".

So I some funky music, get your endorphins motoring and then get down to business so your happy feet can lead you to a path of incredible feats!

Marilyn Kleinberg
Executive Managing Director
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Business of Friendships

Diamonds Got Nuthin' Over a Girls Best Friend...her Girlfriends!

Okay...I know a lot of men receive this newsletter, so you can either skip this section or just sit back and learn! :-)

Did you ever notice how a girlfriend can sense when something is off? And no matter if it is business or personal, a few words of encouragement and a hug can make you feel better.

If you are smart, you have surrounded yourself with all kinds of girlfriends. A network of girlfriends, if you will. My best friend (or chosen sister as another friend calls it) lives a thousand miles away in Florida, but she's there for me and visa versa. I also have my "go to girlfriends" for when I need an immediate answer to a problem or as a reference or referral. I have my "femtor girlfriends" (yes ladies, that's a female mentor) who I turn to when I need a new set of eyes to review a situation, kick me in the butt when I get stuck in rut, tell me what I need to hear, not just what I want to hear and give me words of encouragement to push past the slippery slope of self doubt. I have girlfriends who I admire for their wisdom and strength, and girlfriends who admire me for my inspiration and leadership.

We laugh, we cry, we share, we bond, we support, we teach, we lift, we encourage, we dare to be honest, and through the mix of it all, we empower each other to succeed.

Being a serious business woman doesn't mean abandonning what makes us special together, it means using these traits to build alliances and forge new opportunites to connect and grow--personally and professionally.

I am blessed to have a lot of girlfriends. In fact, now that I think about it, they're a lot like a diamond. Brilliant. Strong. And make me feel good!

Most are business women just like you. They've pulled me through many murky moments. . I call them my eWomenNetwork....

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Okay guys, I'm done...and just so we are girlfriends and I are happy to accept diamonds this holiday season!

Marilyn Kleinberg
Executive Managing Director

At eWomenNetwork we provide opportunities to surround yourself with like-minded businesswomen who share, inspire, teach and connect so you can grow personally and professionally.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Deciding to Succeed

It's all about making a commitment...

I recently returned from the eWomenNetwork National Conference in Dallas. It was a convergence of 2500+ women from all over the country and Canada sharing their wisdom, experiences, resources and contacts. These were professional women, that despite the current economic conditions, or perhaps because of it, made a commitment to learn, laugh, and recharge their batteries by spending time with like-minded women. They showed up because they made a commitment to succeed.

Overhead at the conference: "Until you make a decision that you're going to succeed, you won't." Seems rather harsh until you realize that the speaker was really talking about making a commitment. (This is just one of the empowering messages I took home with me).

If you are a business owner, it's about knowing deep inside that there is nothing else you'd rather be doing because you are following your passion. That drive, that ambition, that invisible force must be inside you.

But you don't have to own the business to be passionate about succeeding. You need to be committed to the goals that have been set for you. And, I have found, you have to have your own set of personal goals that at least mirror your professional goals or exceed them.

Okay, I hear you askng, " I am passionate about my business, how come I am not succeeding?"

And so I ask you, how dedicated are you to succeeding in your business? Passion does not equal success without a good heaping of the right marketing plan, strategic alliances and partnerships, exceptional resources (think vendors and services) and, of course, an investment of time, money and effort. And as we like to say at eWomenNetwork, it takes team work, to make the dream work.

If you have made the decision to be successful, then you are surrounding yourself with a team of professionals that share your passion, can visualize your goals, and can help you make the leap from being in business to succeeding in business.

At eWomenNetwork, our goal is to be each other's team. I invite you to attend one of our upcoming events and start building your new team. Better yet, make the commitment right here and now to join the #1 resource for professional women. I promise you, you'll grow as you help others grow around you. Visit our website at or give me a call 609 601-1333, and let's decide to succeed together!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Is Image Everything?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Lately I've really come to hate my mirror. It doesn't even matter what angle I use, I still see an image that is less than flattering to my ego. This hits me at my very core.

Okay, I recognize that this is a personal problem and that I have at my fingertips a network of trusted resources within our eWomenNetwork membership to seriously address many of these this issues. And I will. Soon. I promise!

I grew up with tight, frizzy, curly hair (before the Afro was popular) and was always on the pudgy side (I still remember my pediatrician saying "all potatoes and no meat---ha! Now I'm equal portions of both!) Even in the 60's skinny and straight hair was what girls saw as perfection.

But other than health, why does it matter that I am no longer the same size 12 that I was 5 years ago? For that matter, why was I so relieved when Milt (my boyfriend) finally cut off all of his long, unruly, tangled, hair this week? He now looks respectable in my eyes. Here's my ego saying, "this is what I want him to look like so people take ME seriously when we are out together."

And why, when I struggle to pay bills each month, I find the money to color my hair, get my nails done and buy new clothes?

It's to make me feel good. And ya know, I think I'm okay with that. That's why our nights out at the Bella Medical Spa earlier this year and our evening at the Cherry Hill Laser and Skin Care Center last week were so well attended. Because I'm not the only that feels that way!

And let me share this secret with you...your image of is everything! But it is not so much about your body as it is about your mind. How you feel about the way you look can alter the way you feel, the way you present yourself, the clothes you chose to wear, the people with who you interact, and the confidence in which you go after what you want. It is a struggle that you can win without altering the outer picture, but by readjusting the inner picture.

At eWomenNetwork we talk a lot about the tools we need to grow our business. That those tools are not stand alone items. We take a more holistic approach: healthy mind, healthy body, healthy business. Each month our speakers share their knowledge, ideas, and experiences that help sharpen one of those tools in your toolbox, whether it be for personal growth or professional growth. We are all a work in progress!

Need some help looking in your mirror? Come out to one of our events and let us help you find the new you! I know I'll be there!

Noah's Ark for Business

So, who's Got Your Back?

If you live in the northeastern part of the US, or it seems anywhere on the east coast, you've heard or said..."where's the ark...its been raining 40 days and 40 nights!"

It got me thinking, what would I take with me, as a 21st century businesswomen, on my ark?

I'd take two computers, two printers, two cell phones, two generators, two sets of legal pads and pens....but what about people?

Well I'd certainly take two of my best girlfriends (who else would you complain to when your hair is all frizzy because of the rain!)

Let me tell you about a program that eWomenNetwork quietly kicked off last year called "Building Your NOAH." It was created to help managing directors build stronger chapters.

The goal is for each chapter to have at least two representatives for every industry: two accountants, two marketing specialists, two financial planners, two event planners, two florists, two computer specialists, two skin care specialists, get the idea.

But do you get the idea behind it? It's about creating opportunities for alliances, partnerships and resources. Let's face it, not everyone works well together and not every service is identical just because it sounds the same.

Alliances and partnerships become your back up plan, your go to people, your measuring stick of accomplishments. They help you build a stronger ark. They've got your back!

That's what eWomenNetwork is all about--helping you fill your ark of 'go to" people so you can keep your head above water when things get tough.

We've Got Your Back!

Building a Strong Team

Who Have You Thanked Lately?
A lesson learned is often at the expense of others. If you are lucky, you are forgiven and both parties walk away smarter.

Such was the case this week when I was reminded that everyone needs recognition for a job well done-no matter how seasoned and professional they are in their industry.

I also heard about an employee meeting a friend attended. The employees were concerned about some new procedures being implemented and the response from management was "If you don't like it, there are plenty of people looking for work. I am sure we can find a replacement for you." OUCH!

It got me thinking, how many of us take for granted the very people that help us grow personally and professionally.

In order to build a strong business, you need a strong team surrounding you--from employees to vendors; from clients to business alliances; from volunteers to friends and family.

Every last one of these people is integral to your success. Doesn't matter if they are compensated for their support, they need/deserve recognition that their efforts are appreciated.

Gratitude is simple. It can be verbal or written. It can be a special lunch just to say thanks. It can be a card--Send Out Cards are great way to show gratitude. Or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

So here's my shout out to all of you who continue to support eWomenNetwork in South Jersey, Philadelphia and surrounding chapters. I appreciate the time you set aside each month to join us at our Accelerated Networking events and I appreciate the referrals you send my way for potential new members.

Thank you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Riding the Rail to the Finish Line--Becoming a Business Jockey

Can You See the Finish Line?

Last weekend, on a sloppy, muddy course, I watched an unknown horse, an unknown trainer, and a savvy jockey win the biggest contest in the horse racing industry--the Kentucky Derby. Mine That Bird (the horse) was the underdog going at 50-1 odds.

Do you sometimes feel that you are operating at similar odds? That the course is muddy and you can't get a solid grip? That your vision is so blurred that the finish line is no longer in view?

How did they do it? First, the trainer, Chip Wooley, had a true sense of belief and trust in the horse. He had an unbridled passion for the sport. And he had something to prove--he was the long shot.

The horse, well, he was a supreme animal with a winning lineage. But it was the jockey that won the race by adjusting his course, clearing his vision and he "riding the rail to the finish line."

The jockey, (Calvin Borel), despite the odds, believed in himself. He was committed to working towards the goal by using his proven skills and talents. He never gave up. And he never lost sight of the finish line.

Together--trainer, horse and jockey, they formed the perfect alliance built on trust, passion and the ability to keep a clear eye on the finish line.

Who are you building alliances with to reach your goals? It's obvious the trainer could not achieve his goal without the horse and the jockey. Do you know who your business needs as key alliances? Are you working to create these relationships?

eWomenNetwork is the perfect partner for professional businesswomen looking to find key alliances for their business. We provide access to businesswomen seeking like-minded, goal oriented, passionate people to connect, learn, grow and share resources with the common goal of supporting each other in our ride to the finish line. For more information visit the eWomenNetwork SJ chapter.