Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Business of Friendships

Diamonds Got Nuthin' Over a Girls Best Friend...her Girlfriends!

Okay...I know a lot of men receive this newsletter, so you can either skip this section or just sit back and learn! :-)

Did you ever notice how a girlfriend can sense when something is off? And no matter if it is business or personal, a few words of encouragement and a hug can make you feel better.

If you are smart, you have surrounded yourself with all kinds of girlfriends. A network of girlfriends, if you will. My best friend (or chosen sister as another friend calls it) lives a thousand miles away in Florida, but she's there for me and visa versa. I also have my "go to girlfriends" for when I need an immediate answer to a problem or as a reference or referral. I have my "femtor girlfriends" (yes ladies, that's a female mentor) who I turn to when I need a new set of eyes to review a situation, kick me in the butt when I get stuck in rut, tell me what I need to hear, not just what I want to hear and give me words of encouragement to push past the slippery slope of self doubt. I have girlfriends who I admire for their wisdom and strength, and girlfriends who admire me for my inspiration and leadership.

We laugh, we cry, we share, we bond, we support, we teach, we lift, we encourage, we dare to be honest, and through the mix of it all, we empower each other to succeed.

Being a serious business woman doesn't mean abandonning what makes us special together, it means using these traits to build alliances and forge new opportunites to connect and grow--personally and professionally.

I am blessed to have a lot of girlfriends. In fact, now that I think about it, they're a lot like a diamond. Brilliant. Strong. And make me feel good!

Most are business women just like you. They've pulled me through many murky moments. . I call them my eWomenNetwork....

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Okay guys, I'm done...and just so we are girlfriends and I are happy to accept diamonds this holiday season!

Marilyn Kleinberg
Executive Managing Director

At eWomenNetwork we provide opportunities to surround yourself with like-minded businesswomen who share, inspire, teach and connect so you can grow personally and professionally.


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